MediPIET, Annual Scientific Conference 2016: Protecting Public Health Across Borders

The 'Annual Scientific Conference of the Mediterranean Programme of Intervention Epidemiology Training' (ASC-MediPIET) is a conference mainly focused on infectious diseases across the Mediterranean, Black Sea Regions and the world, from field epidemiology training  perspective but also from analysis and evidence to guidance and public health policy.

ASC-MediPIET 2016 focuses on “Protecting public health across borders”.

MediPIET ASC aims at establishing collaborative community of practice bringing together junior and senior experts from all Public Health related disciplines.

Under the Scientific Leadership of ECDC, the Spanish MediPIET Consortium, composed by: FIIAPP & ISCIII organizes the event.

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COST Action BM1309: European network for innovative uses of EMFs in biomedical applications (EMF-MED)

3rd MCM, 2nd WGMs, Workshop and Mini-Training

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